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33.      To establish, maintain and operate technical training institutions and  hostels for technical staff of all categories of offices, workers, clerks, technical and other personnel likely to be useful to or assist any business which the company is authorized to carry on;

34.      To  acquire  or  take  over  with  or  without  consideration  and  carry  on  the  business  of  securities, treasurers, agents, by themselves or  in partnership with other company or partnership of concern, whose objects may be similar in part or in whole, to those of the Company;

35.      To let out on lease or on hire, all or any of the property of the Company either immovable or movable including all and every description or apparatus or appliances;

36.      To provide for the welfare of employees or ex-employees of the Company and the wives and families or the dependants or connections of such persons by building or contributing the building of houses, dwellings or by grants of money, pension, allowances, bonus or other payment or by creating and from time to time  subscribing to  provident  and other  associations,  institutions, funds  or  trusts and by providing or subscribing or contributing towards places of instructions and recreations, hospitals and dispensaries, medical and other attendances and other assistance as the company shall think fit;

37.      To establish agencies or branches in India and elsewhere and to discontinue the same;

38.      Generally to do all such other matters and things as may appear to be incidental or conducive to the attainment of the objects or any of them or consequential upon the exercise of its powers or discharge of its duties. 

c) Other Objects:


1. To carry on the business of carriers and for this purpose acquisition and maintenance of transport and establish factories for their maintenance or repair;

2. To manufacture, buy, stock, sell, import, export, hire, install, operate and generally deal in any plant and machinery, stores, tools, materials,  goods, equipment, vehicles and all services of any description which in  the opinion of the Company may be dealt with conveniently by Company in furtherance of the objects of the Company;

3. To act as agent for Government or other authorities or any    manufacturers, merchants and others and to transact and carry on agency business of every kind and of any description relating to the purpose of the Company.




The Company is being managed by the Board of Directors consisting of not less than 2 (minimum) and not exceeding 8 (maximum) members at any time. The Chairman, who is also the member of the Board is appointed by the Government from time to time specifically and in the absence of such an appointment the Commissioner of Civil Supplies is the Chairman of the Company. The Government last appointed non-official Chairman and 3 others as non-official Directors on the Board, vide GO Ms.No.17, Consumer Affairs, Food & Civil Supplies (CS I) Department, dt.26.01.2005. The tenure of the Chairman and Directors is for a period of two years. The Commissioner of Civil Supplies is the Chairman of Board of APSCSC at present. Apart from the Vice Chairman & Managing Director, the Director of Civil Supplies and the nominee from Finance Dept. are the other Official Directors. The Chief Executive of the Corporation i.e., the Vice Chairman & Managing Director, who is an appointee of the Government of Andhra Pradesh, manages the day-to-day activities of the Organization subject to the control and directions of the Board.  Articles-of-Association is regulating charter for the Corporation under which the Board of Directors issue directions from time to time. The Corporation implements the PDS at the field level and has been undertaking market intervention as a measure for controlling prices and also MSP operations as per the orders issued by the Government of Andhra Pradesh.




a)  e-Accounts (Accounts Package)


The accounts of the Corporation have been computerized from 2005-06 and development of package has been entrusted to NIC. NIC has developed the package considering the accounting package, which is being followed in FCI as the Corporation has adopted the Accounting procedure, which is being followed in toto from inception of the Corporation.


NIC  has  prepared  the  separate  manual  for  Financial Accounts.  The  manual  which  was  prepared  on developing  the  accounts i.e.,  under package  where in it is  clearly envisaged the  procedure and code numbers  allotted  for  each account  classifying  the  assets and  liabilities,  income  and  expenditure  etc., considering the codes allotted the data entry operators. The data entry operators/concerned accountants and AM (Accts) has to follow the procedure laid down in the package. If any deviation in entering the data, it may yield adverse result. In view of the above utmost care should be taken while entering the original data by the concerned accountants.


While developing the accounting package i.e., Accounts, the NIC has allotted separate code numbers and separate forms for OE-I to OE-IX. The data entry operator/Accountant has to segregate the vouchers / respective documents relating to Original Entries and enter the data in respective forms of OE-I to OE-IX. The entries which are made in respective Original Entries automatically will be generated in the respective heads of accounts and there by reflect in Trial Balance, Stock Ledger and other financial accounts and also automatically recorded itself in the P&L Accounts and Balance Sheet and SLS etc. The above package is being utilized for finalization of Accounts from 2005-06 onwards. 


b)  e-Accounts - MIS Reports 

he Corporation has developed e-Accounts package through NIC for knowing the day-to-day operations and obtaining MIS data from the districts as detailed below.

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