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Procurement Policy for KMS 2013-14
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Integrated Electronic Solution to PDS Management
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CNo Subject
70 Income tax for the accounting year 2013-14-Compilation of accounts for the year 2013-14 -submission of Accounts on top priority-instructions-issued -Reg
68 Bifuration of state under SR Act 2014-APSCSCL fucntions as two separate units under the Act-Issue of instructions with regard to VAT-reg
67 Salaries – Payment of salary to the State Government employees for one day i.e. 01.06.2014 alongwith the salary for the month of May, 2014 – Orders – Issued
64 Hamalies working in MLS Points - Upper age limit to continue as member in EPF Trust - Instructions issued -Reg
63 Creation of data bank of Hamalies working in MLS points -Furnishing of required data - Reg
62 Filing of Pension papers of retired Hamalies and on behalf of deceased hamalies - Issue of guidelines -Reg
61 procurement of mill levy rice during KMS 2013 – 14 – revision of procurement prices – payment of differential amount to rice millers – issue of instructions – Reg.
60 Procurement of Levy Rice under Mill Levy during KMS 2013 –14 – Revision of procurement prices – payment of revised rates and differential amount to rice millers – issue of instructions – Reg
60 Procurement of Paddy under MSP Operations - Payment of RD Cess on Paddy Procured - Issue of instructions -Reg
59 Instructions on booking of purchases and VAT on Red gram Dall from April 2013 - Reg
58 EPF Trust- Furnishing of Nomination forms in Form 2
57 Development of Software by NIC for paddy and levyrice procurement-Non utilisation of Software-issue of instructions for making day to day entries of paddy purchase-Reg
56 Assessment of Income Tax at source - Income Tax from salary of Officers and Staff for the financial year 2013-14
55 Payment of DA Arrears from 01.07.2013 to 30.09.2013 in cash
54 Development of Software by NIC for Paddy and Levy rice procurement – Implementation of Software
52 Settlement of Hamali claims under EPF &MP Act.-certain guidelines issued
51 AP VAT-Audit of accounts for the financial year 2010-11&2011-12
50 APSCSCL – CPF – Coverage of Hamalies under EPF & MP Act 1952 - Hamalies arrears from April-2006 to January-2008 paid in the Financial years 2008-09 and 2009-10
50 Development of Software by NIC for Paddy and Levy Rice procurement - Implementation of the Software in CSC-Issue of Guidelines-reg
49 Compilation of accounts for the year 2012-13
49 DA Arrears
48 Sending of IOCPF amount of all the Members of the APSCSC EPF TRUST both regular employees & hamalies
47 Revision of Levyrice Prices by GOI-Payment of Differential Amount-instructions issued
46 Submission of Aadhaar Numbers-of both Regular Employees and Hamalies-Reg
45 APSCSCL - F&IA – Better Financial Management – Procedures
44 Payment of RD Cess and VAT on CMR Raw Rice
43 APSCSCL - F&IA – Distribution of Kerosene through PDS –
37 Income tax Financial Year 2012-13 & Assessment year 2013-14
36 Service tax increased from 10.3% to 12.36% with effect from 1-4-2012 to be deducted/paid from contractors and professionals on various services,filling of returns Half yearly and Annually
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